Retin a micro gel or commonly called Tretinoin is a type of drug that has the main function to deal with acne on facial skin. This medicine has a property to reduce the amount and also the pain of gout. In addition, this drug also encourages recovery in acne that develops on the skin. Tretinoin is a drug that belongs to a class of drugs known as the retinoid class. This drug works by influencing the growth of smeared skin cells.

How to use Tretinoin?

This product is a medicinal product that has side effects after its use. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for users to read drug guidelines and drug use brochures for patients which are usually provided at pharmacies. Before using this drug, it helps us ask the doctor or pharmacist who has more knowledge about this drug. Before using this medicine on our skin, we must make sure that our skin is clean. It’s better to wash your hands first before using this medicine. How to use it is very easy, first, clean the infected skin gently and slowly using a cotton swab or other cleanser and then dry. Use your fingers to take the medicine out of the wrapper a little and apply it to the zit. Apply it with just a thin. Do this every day before going to bed or adjust it to your doctor’s instructions.

Be Patient

To use this medicine, it would be better if we wait 20 to 30 minutes after we clean our face then we use this medicine. If you have further and in-depth questions, it is advisable to ask your doctor directly for skin diseases. For your information, this medicine is only recommended for use on the skin. Do not use it on the lips, nose, or mouth. It is also not recommended for use in friction wounds, burns or eczema-affected skin. In use, this drug will have an effect on the zits being treated. Initially, Tretinion will make acne worse, in other words, this drug accelerates the pimples that grow to be cured immediately. This is very reasonable in the use of acne medicine. This treatment will take about 8 to 12 weeks to get maximum results.

Dosage for Adults

For the first use of this Tretinoin drug, initial use is recommended to be used only once a day before bedtime. After that, in the maintenance of the skin, use just a little and apply on your skin that is experiencing acne. The initial phase will take around 3 to 4 weeks. Then the healing process will take more than 12 weeks. This is because Tretinoin provides a very slow healing effect.

Side effects

For the use of this drug, there will be side effects that can be experienced by you. It is better to stop using this medicine if you experience signs of allergies such as itching, difficulty breathing, and swelling on the face, tongue, throat or lips. Side effects can also be felt but are less serious such as feeling hot or warm, piercing, tingling, redness, dryness, and irritation, discoloration of the skin, swelling or peeling of the skin. If it happens like this, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Tretinoin for Skin Care
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