If you are like a lot of people across the world, you get a little bit of anxiety when your doctor orders you an MRI. It can be a really stressful thing to go through. Most of the time, you have to be in the enclosed space for a long period of time with no movement. This is not doable for so many people. If this is you, consider finding an advanced open MRI Toms River NJ center, such as the one found at northdoverradiology.com. An open MRI is much easier to handle for those who are claustrophobic. Below are some great tips to help you ease your fear of getting an MRI.


If you practice meditating days or weeks before your MRI test is to be done, you will be much more ready to sit still and not let your mind wander too much. This will help you to stay calm and collected when in the machine. The machine gives off some light vibrations and humming noises. These can help you to get lost in your meditation. Before you know it, the test will be done and you will feel much better and relaxed.


Many imaging centers have MRI machines that have music playing from them. Alternately, the room in which the machine is in might be playing music. Listening to music, and letting yourself get fully immersed into it, will help ease your mind and fears. In some facilities, they will let you choose your own music to listen to. If you are able to choose your own type of music, try to avoid anything upbeat that would make you want to move to the beat. 


If you are worried that none of the other options will help ease your fears, you may be able to take some medication to calm you. If you do this, be sure to have someone else drive you to the appointment and home.

As you are able to see, there are many ways in which you can try to ease your fear of getting an MRI. It doesn’t have to be a scary thing to go through. The key is to go at it prepared.

Tips For Overcoming Your Fear Of An MRI
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