Natural conceiving requires many aspects of health in its perfect condition. Some fertility problems can affect the successful conception and further pregnancy course. With ADONIS Intrauterine Insemination your chances for a happy parenting experience increase significantly, because our infertility treatment is highly qualified and confirmed by numerous case histories of clients and their healthy babies.

Intrauterine-insemination is a medical technology (assisted reproductive technology), which involves the introduction into the woman’s cervical canal or uterus of sperm from a man, obtained in advance out of sexual intercourse.

It is used for medical purposes to achieve pregnancy in infertile couples, or to obtain pregnancy in single women, and is carried out on an outpatient basis.

The essence of the IUI method

Within the IUI procedure, with the special ADONIS equipment and facilities the sperm is processed and made more concentrated to achieve the best results after the treatment. Then, the most active and viable sperm are selected to help them to overcome the cervical barrier by injecting directly into the uterus itself.

The further actions are taking place naturally as in natural conception: the sperm reaches the egg through the fallopian tubes and fertilizes it.

The effectiveness of ADONIS IUI treatment is really high and promising. The success rate is particularly calculated to ensure your productive treatment and best well-being.

Evidences for the IUI treatment 

Every individual case is thoughtfully examined by ADONIS fertility specialists to be aware about all the tiniest aspects of the client’s health. The well-executed preparation stage before treatment ensures the good medical assistance in the future and its perfect results for you and your future baby.

The main indication for the IUI use is cervical factor, when a man’s sperm are immobilized during entering the cervical canal. IUI is not performed in case of obstruction or permeability of the fallopian tubes.

In such cases, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) is used.

Other extensible evidence for IUI use are:

  • Ovulatory dysfunction
  • Ejaculatory-sexual disorders of a partner
  • Sub Fertile sperm
  • Lack of a sexual partner
  • Hereditary diseases of a man with an unfavorable medical and genetic prognosis
  • Vaginismus

Get the whole variety of benefits with ADONIS Fertility and make your own healthy and happy history right now!

With the ADONIS Intrauterine insemination (IUI) the advantages are evidence:

  • treatment execution of the highest level with relatively easy process
  • proximity to the natural method of fertilization
  • use of a minimum quantity of drugs during the treatment
  • minimal interference in a woman’s body
  • relatively low price and affordable other services

The medical way of infertility treatment can be difficult and unpleasant, but with the ADONIS best support and care, your IUI procedure will leave only nice experiences and unbelievable emotions.

Your future little happiness is awaiting you!

ADONIS Fertility clinics is always ready to begin your infertility program just now! Take a first step!


Intrauterine insemination as the best way for your paternity
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