When it comes to exercise, you have hundreds of options. You can work on your body by doing different things, using various tools. Pilates is one such form of workout. It helps you to stay active, lose weight, increase strength, and improve posture.


Pilates is an old system of physical fitness. Other than the body, it works on mental awareness as well. You have Pilates mat as well as a reformer for doing Pilates. Pilates mat is a bit difficult and restrictive. But a reformer provides support to tackle gravity. Here we are going to talk about a reformer.

Pilates Reformer

 A Pilates reformer is a workout tool. Its shape is similar to a treadmill but has a sliding carriage. You can sit, stand, kneel, or lie on it and try different exercises. The carriage slides with the help of a few springs or bungee cords. There is a difference in resistance levels in each spring or cord. It starts from very light to super heavy, and the levels add challenges. According to what you prefer, you can use just one or two springs or all to slide the carriage and workout.

Next, you have is a foot bar, and that allows vertical or horizontal adjustment. Then you have ropes. They are flexible and work as a support to the hands. A Pilates reformer frame can be made of wood or metal. They are durable. So, you can choose any, if you want durability. Some of the Pilates reformers come with footplates and sitting box as well. While choosing a reformer, make sure to have all the components so that you can try Pilates workout of every kind.

After you have invested in the best pilates reformer, now is the time to consider some other benefits from the tool. Because the apparatus having all the components is not enough.


 The size of the reformer will affect your workout. The regular ones are perfect for people with average height and weight. But those who are too tall or obese have to go for the ones that suit their body shape. Also, as it is for working out at home, you must consider the space you have at your home. If you lack space, then a bulky reformer will make things tough for you. If possible and within budget, go for the foldable and portable reformers.

Lightweight And Sturdy

 The reformer has to be lightweight. The reason is the same as the size. But lightweight shouldn’t mean the reformer will not be sturdy. You are going to slide on it in different positions. If it is not sturdy enough, injuries might happen. Make sure your machine is 10 inches above the ground. Our pick will be the aluminum reformer. They are sturdy, lightweight, thus safe and easy to move.


 Make sure to check the padded components before buying the reformer. Sometimes the padding on them doesn’t feel right. The padding on the carriage, headrest, rope handles, shoulder pads, footplate, sitting box must be comfortable on your body. Or you are going to end up with pain.


The right kind of tool has a positive effect on your body. A reformer brings the same to you. So, choose wisely.

How to choose a pilates reformer
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