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While, there are a selection of over the counter anti depressants like paxil and prozac out there in the market and that do really assist treat despair and depressive issues, however these medicines even have some critical side effects associated them. The main unwanted effects of taking these typical anti depressants are lack of libido, lowered appetite, lack of focus, weight gain, sleep disorders and different nervous and abdomen problems. Nonetheless, there may be one new age anti depressant medication, stablon also known as tianpetine that can treat mentally depressive disorders with none unintended effects or hurt.

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being raised in an surroundings of cultural diversity. Orally look for white / yellowish raised spots in your tongue and mucous membranes, a thick white coating on the tongue that when scraped reveals fissures in the tongue, dangerous breath, ache when swallowing, pinkish spots on lips (common with inhaler use).

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More GPs can apply for pharmacy funding

The process for GP surgeries to apply for funding for clinical pharmacists has recently been updated. The aim is to make the process more straightforward and to encourage more people to take up the profession and ease the strain on the NHS.

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From October last year, the criteria relating to the pharmacist to population ratio changed from 1 to 30,000 patients, to 1 to 15,000 patients. This allows smaller surgeries to employ specialist staff to work alongside them and larger surgeries to take on more qualified staff. Other changes include allowing pharmacists to work part-time and still qualify for funding, which up until now was not an option due to the criteria relating to working hours.

NHS England confirmed the changes to the criteria in a letter sent nationally to all GP practices and invited those who had previously been denied funding, to reapply and those already qualifying for funding to apply for additional funding. This means all surgeries can extend their service and operate a more efficient service for their patients.

The changes have been welcomed by all medical professionals and it is hoped more pharmacists will be encouraged to work within multidisciplinary teams at their local GP practices.

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For surgeries taking on pharmacists for the first time, extra space and equipment, such as pharmacy fridges, might be needed. As an example, Fridge Freezer Direct provide pharmacy fridges, and these will need to be accommodated. New procedures will also need to be introduced,and … Read More